Violet Starr

  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Birthplace: Tampa, FL
  • Ethnicity: Spanish/Italian/Jewish
  • Marital Status: In A Relationship


Violet Starr in Overhead Smashed

Violet Starr in Overhead Smashed

Violet is having breakfast with her coach Alex before their weekly tennis practice. She would love to show him all the moves that she's learned and a few new specialties off the court. Game, Set, …

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AVENUDE® Covergirls slideshow II

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Violet's Open Book

Violet's Open Book

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How long have you been in the Adult Entertainment industry?

I've been in it for a year and a half than I took a break. But now I'm back.

What made you get into the Adult Entertainment business?

I've always been really sexual and I found out what stripping was and always use to joke about it. Then I started looking into it when I was in high school and I was just really turned on by the idea of you know being the center of attention, while expressing my sexuality. I kind of just deeply explored that. It kind of just built up through steps. It led to camming, then started doing porn and I loved it. There were some challenges along the way, but I'm really happy to be back.

Are you into a current relationship? If so what does your significant other think about you getting into the Adult Entertainment business?

I am in a current relationship. It's a pretty new one. Umm I feel like we've discussed this together. It's like something that everybody wants, but nobody can have because they can't handle it. Umm it's definately something that he has to work through in his head and he has to think about how he feels and what he wants. We kinda just work together and communicate together and yeah. It's worth the pros outweigh the cons.

At what age did you lose your virginity? Any story behind that?

I lost my virginity at 15. (smiling) I was at this guys house in my neighborhood. My neighbor's house and my best friend was over. She was on the bed with my neighbor and I was on the floor mattress with his friend. I met him like a couple days before probably and we had sex cause I really wanted to do it. (laughs) It was fun. It was swell. (laughs) It was good and I did not want to leave his dick. I was singing after on my way back home from sneaking out. (laughs)

What is your favorite sexual position? What turns you on?

My favorite sexual position would probably be fotboth. It's kind of hard and not a lot of men can do it and that's okay. But they go in doggystyle and then they put their foot on your head and just smash you. (laughs) I like it because it's very dominant and it's very I guess degrading. But I like being degraded by people I trust that wanna degrade me. Because they wanna feel masculine and I wanna feel feminine and submissive.

What part of your body do you get the most compliments on?

My butt.

Tell us some more things about yourself? Favorite food, music, hobbies, etc?

I really like a lot of different music. I like exploring different music. Whenever anybody else has something that I never heard before, I'm all about it. I like acting a lot. If you check out my YouTube channel, I'm going to start doing a lot of comedy skits on there. So that's really my main focus. I'm even doing one on porn that's going to have a sex scene for porn and a sex scene for YouTube. because there needs to be a sex scene.

Where can people follow you or book you?

Twitter: @lilvioletstarr Instagram: @lilvioletstarr YouTube: Violet Starr
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