Kavitha Kay

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Birthplace: Detroit, MI
  • Ethnicity: Dominican/Indian
  • Marital Status: Single


AVENUDE®  Covergirls slideshow

AVENUDE® Covergirls slideshow

This is just a slideshow recap of our 2018 AVENUDE@ covergirls. We sprinkled in a few from the prior year since that's when we started. 6c3070b43767171321f3f9a164b2113c-vod-059c4d8911b260177c84c6a…

Kavitha's Lonely Saturday Night

Kavitha's Lonely Saturday Night

Lonely on a Saturday night, Kavitha can't find anything to grab her attention, until she watched our DVD. Now she grabbed something, that's not the remote. 6c3070b43767171321f3f9a164b2113c-v…


How long have you been in the Adult Entertainment industry?

I'm new to it.

What made you get into the Adult Entertainment business?

I want something where I can have fun and do something that I like, and you know, to entertain people.

Are you into a current relationship? If so what does your significant other think about you getting into the Adult Entertainment business?

(laughs) I'm not in one.

At what age did you lose your virginity? Any story behind that?

(laughs) Well I was about 16. It was with an older guy from my school and it happened in someone's garage.

What is your favorite sexual position? What turns you on?

I think my favorite is doggystyle.

What part of your body do you get the most compliments on?

I would say my ass probably.

Tell us some more things about yourself? Favorite food, music, hobbies, etc?

My favorite food actually is Italian food. I love pasta. My favorite hobbies? I like to read, and I play a few instruments. My favorite music? I like metal, classical music anytime.
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