April Rey

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Birthplace: Tucson, AZ
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Marital Status: Single


April Rey's Personal Massage

April Rey's Personal Massage

April Rey is looking to relax and decides to treat herself to a sensual hand massage. No toys required. 

Fitness In The BUFF

Fitness In The BUFF

No one like to work out more than April Rey. Triceps, biceps, quads, glutes. You name it, and its part of her workout regimen. Well when you workout and get a little too sweaty, why not take some …

The Couch Potato

The Couch Potato

April Rey is waiting for her boyfriend to get off work. She decides to set the mood by dimming the lights and putting on some sexy lingerie, while she watches tv. She can only wait for so long, …

AVENUDE®  Covergirls slideshow

AVENUDE® Covergirls slideshow

This is just a slideshow recap of our 2018 AVENUDE@ covergirls. We sprinkled in a few from the prior year since that's when we started.

April Rey slideshow

April Rey slideshow

April spends a lot of her time working out in the gym. So we spent a lot of our time working her out on set. Check out her slideshow.


How long have you been in the Adult Entertainment industry?

I'm pretty new. Few months now.

What made you get into the Adult Entertainment business?

Explore. Do something fun and different.

Are you into a current relationship? If so what does your significant other think about you getting into the Adult Entertainment business?

No. Single.

At what age did you lose your virginity? Any story behind that?

Ummm 16 at homecoming.

What is your favorite sexual position? What turns you on?


What part of your body do you get the most compliments on?

How blue my eyes are or my butt.

Tell us some more things about yourself? Favorite food, music, hobbies, etc?

I love working out and going on trail runs. I will try any kind of food. I love buffets, cause I can keep going up like five rounds later. (laughs)
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