Almanique Angel

  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Marital Status: Single


Sexing My Scholar

Sexing My Scholar

Almanique is losing her patience. Her student, Jay continues to do bad in class. So she's ready to give up and quit tutoring him. He decides to tutor her in a subject that he's real good at. …

The Girls of AVENUDE® part III

The Girls of AVENUDE® part III

All new girls. All new behind the scenes. Part III of our behind the scenes series. Never before scene footage, interviews, clips and more from a few of our lovely models. Get up close and personal …


How long have you been in the Adult Entertainment industry?

I just started.

What made you get into the Adult Entertainment business?

I love sex and I wanted to put my love of sex into something useful.

Are you into a current relationship? If so what does your significant other think about you getting into the Adult Entertainment business?

I don't have a him. I'm single right now.

At what age did you lose your virginity? Any story behind that?

19. Me and my ex-boyfriend and I wanted to have sex. So we start doing it and we did like missionary and then he wanted to do cowgirl and I did. That's when my cherry broke.

What is your favorite sexual position? What turns you on?

I love missionary, doggy, and reverse cowgirl.

What part of your body do you get the most compliments on?

Umm my hair.

Tell us some more things about yourself? Favorite food, music, hobbies, etc?

I love gangsta rap. That's my favorite genre. I like to do long distance running. I love animals, so sometimes I volunteer at animal shelters.

Where can people follow you or book you?

Twitter @almaniqueangelxxx
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